About MTDC Tourism Pavilion at INFOSYS, Pune

Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) has been established under the Companies Act, 1956, (fully owned by Govt. of Maharashtra) for systematic development of tourism on commercial lines.
The Corporation receives from the State Government financial assistance in the form of share capital and grants. The State Government has entrusted all commercial and promotional tourism activities to this Corporation.
MTDC has, since its inception, been involved in the development and maintenance of the various tourist locations of Maharashtra. MTDC owns and maintains resorts at all key tourist centers and having more resorts is on the plan.
About MTDC Tourism Pavilion at INFOSYS, Pune:

The ultimate motto behind this branding & MTDC Tourism Pavilion is to convey a proud image of rich culture & tradition of Maharashtra. Under one roof, the visitor should get a complete tourism solution. MTDC has come up with its own souvenir shop here. Where in we would display culture & tradition of Maharashtra & deliver this culture & tradition in product form through this souvenir shop. At one place, the visitor should get the feel of the culture of Maharashtra & should be able to buy & carry some souvenir at affordable price range.

Reading Corner: the visitors should spend unlimited time browsing through the books and magazines available on Maharashtra. In our travel desk here the visitor will get information about various sites in Maharashtra, travelling modes, bookings can be arranged. Even bookings like Air, Rail, Bus, Taxi on hire should be made available from this desk as that is in high demand by Infosys staff.

Selfie Point: Photography Corner:One wall is dedicated for photography where we have created different backgrounds like beach, wildlife, fort etc. We propose to provide various traditional maharashtrian costumes to the visitors. Using these costumes, visitors can click their own photographs.

Looking at the place & the crowd we were all very sure that this very first pavilion is going to be a flagship for this new brand. Visit our website

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MTDC intends to sell souvenir products which relate directly or indirectly to
Maharashtra, its culture, tradition, and destination images